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M3 MetalMeccanica Modena

M3 MetalMeccanica Moderna is a company, which can boast on a high experience in both building industry, and earth moving sectors. Both the success and the position reached by M3 MetalMeccanicaModerna must be ascribed to the high quality level of their products, and to the constant effort devoted in search, and technological innovation. As patentee, they have always centralized their activity in constructing mixing buckets for concrete. Soon afterwards, they have developed the following range of products: Sweeper buckets; Quick-Hitches; Forks and fork carriages; Grader blades. The whole range of M3 products can be attached to any type of construction machine.

Romea Equipment srl deals with the design, construction and maintenance of buckets and accessories for earth moving machines. The factory, which was set up in 1973, is the tangible guarantee of the company's commitment to its customers. Their main products are: buckets, quick couplers and booms for excavator; buckets, forks and quick couplers for loaders. Besides the standard range of products, company Romea designs and manufactures special equipments on the needs of the customer.

Simex manufactures attachments for paving and earth moving works in dozens of models and hundreds of versions but most importantly, it designs and offers customized solutions. The wide range of products includes: planers and rotary cutters, wheel and chain excavators, vibratory compactors, asphalt floats and snow blowers. Simex offers innovative and efficient equipment, which solve problems never before dealt with, allowing tasks to be completed quickly and simply, in complete safety. Wherever in the world, Simex is synonymous of better work and higher proficiency.
Delivery of DUMPER ASTRA RD40
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Nikex can offer also logistic and transport.

Where ever you are we will organize  the transport of the machinery bought and making the transport documents.

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